Wednesday, June 10, 2009

recipe for a summer shrimp salad sandwich

Have you ever entered a recipe contest? There appears to be a whole culture out there that really knows what they are doing. Whether a cooking competition or just a recipe, many of the same names reappear. Me, I know nothing. Oh sure, I have sent in the occasional cookie recipe and I did win a stuffed potato contest back in the late 80's except I think I won out of default. True contestants understand the nature of what the judges are looking for, past recipe winners, mass appeal and how to follow the contest rules to the letter. Those darn rules, they seem like such a distraction.

So I thought I would give the Mezzetta "Make That Sandwich" contest a try. This seems like a good fit for a novice like me. I am sandwich lover from way back. Well really a bread addict. Ok, I like the stuff in between too. If I had to pick one food to have on a desert island it would be the contents of a deli--the combinations are endless. So it's been a week of testing, testing, testing all those sandwiches. It's rough but I think I came up with a good one. I'm not going to tell you about that one but I do want to share a delicious, easy and fresh shrimp salad sandwich recipe. I can't use it because it doesn't meet, you know, the rules.


8oz. of frozen fully cooked, tails off 50-70 shrimp, defrosted
2 stalks celery, sliced
2 green onions, sliced
1 tsp dry dill weed
1 tbl lemon juice
1/4 cup mayonnaise
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
2 soft hoagie rolls
butter lettuce

Make sure the shrimp is patted dry. Chop into chunky pieces.
Add all other ingredients and mix gently.
Remove a little of the bread from one half of roll. This creates a well.
Place butter lettuce leaf into well, fill with shrimp salad and add the top of the roll.
Eat and enjoy!