Wednesday, October 9, 2019

fun food, music, and new puppy on crescent city visit!

I had a wonderful visit to Crescent City a few weeks ago and look forward to another trip this month! One of the highlights---my mother's new puppy, Ben-G!  We also had an amazing lunch at Sea Quake with Debbie Wakefield,  Mike Zingg and family, topping the day off with listening to Mike's band, 'Scott William Perry Band' at Back Street Bar in Brookings, OR.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

rocky road candy recipe from mom's mid-century cookbook

I was home recently visiting with my family in Crescent City, and I love to go through mom's cookbooks.  A couple of the books are so retro-fun, one is the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, a ring binder style book that mom received at her wedding shower in 1955!  The other cookbook belonged to my grandmother, Clarice Havemann, The Woman's Home Companion Cookbook---mom said it was her most prized cookbook which she never parted with.  I took a few snaps of cool recipes---one was the Original Caesar Salad which is so similar to the recipe I have used for years (love the retro photography as well!).  Another recipe was for rocky road candy, which happens to be my favorite and could not be easier and perfect for Easter weekend snacking!  I made one modern addition, I sprinkled a few flakes of Maldon sea salt on the top of my rocky road and it was delicious.