Thursday, September 22, 2011

the old clam house

People who read my blog and make note of my favorite restaurant list have probably noticed:   I love places that hail from the past and have stood the test of time, retaining original signage, menu items, decor (although clean and maintained), charm and character. Well, add another spot to my list, The Old Clam House on Bayshore and Oakdale in SF.  This corner restaurant opened when Abraham Lincoln became president and the Gold Rush was just getting started.  It survived the earthquake and has been an old time watering hole ever since.  It has new owners and has been gently refreshed--keeping that original sign and tin ceiling while doing some Italian/American cuisine classics new justice. Pictured are the escargot and the the crab linguine Alfredo. Definitely worth a visit.

Friday, September 9, 2011

las vegas, august 2011

My dear friend Brendan had a great birthday in Las Vegas last weekend.  I wanted to write a brief shout out to the places/businesses that made it so special.  1st, the hotel, Vdara at the City Center was amazing.  Modern, with clean lines and off the hook beds and pillows, (you can buy their beds--call ) and super customer service.  2nd, Brendan's birthday dinner at Mastro's, in the Crystal Shopping Center.  Don't let the shopping center scene throw you--this is world class shopping and dining, with a tram/shuttle from the hotel and a table in Mastro's tree house.  The service and the amazing food, which included a 22 oz. bone-in rib eye, could not be topped.!!   Oh yes, it could--the decadent chocolate cake delivered by Leopold's of Las Vegas was flawless, and I am not a chocolate fan--but  I consider this the best cake I have every eaten!!  Happy birthday Brendan, well done!  (XXX)