Sunday, January 24, 2010

fish and farm is a great social scene

I am always trying restaurants for my column--you know I write about downtown Tenderloin restaurants, right? Anyway, I had the best experience last night, just a reminder about how many wonderful and interesting people there are in this world.
I stopped off at Fish and Farm, a planned stop after a day of errands and shopping. This restaurant, located in the Mark Twain Hotel on Taylor at O'Farrell has been getting lots of great press about executive chef Chad Newton and his local/artisanal ingredients, including what some have said is possibly the best burger in the city!
I asked to go to the bar and as luck would have it I got the one vacant bar stool in this cozy little space just off the lobby of the hotel. A young women next to me was being served a bottle of Thomas Fogarty syrah. Warm and outgoing, she suggested I try the lamb meatballs with a red cabbage saute and romesco sauce. It was then that I was introduced to Amy and her friend Liz, a country music singer, both from the Plano/Dallas area enjoying a terrific vacation in SF.
It turned out they had dined at Fish and Farm on Thursday, loving the food and making quite an impression on the staff, including chef Newton, who visited their table and prepared some custom dishes. This night, they procured a table in the bar when a gal named Laurie (who turned out to also be from Dallas, knowing many of their favorite restaurants) offered to share her table and I was invited to join.
I loved my meatballs and enjoyed watching the courses start to arrive for Amy and Liz, who told the manager to just surprise them with chef's selections. The frisee salad looked incredible. They were off to Beach Blanket Babylon later that night and possibly brunch at Farmerbrown in the am. To Amy and Liz if you read this, thank you for inviting me to dine with you.