Sunday, May 26, 2013

hacienda el coyote restaurant in cabo san lucas

I went to Cabo earlier this month with my friend Brendan and stayed at his parent's fractional, the Monte Cristo Estates at Sunset Beach.  As usual, it is the most peaceful and relaxing week, with a little sun, a good book and lots of exploring all the delicious food around town. We have our favorites, like Lolita's, La Fonda, and the taco stand with the marinated pork that is to die for, but I have to tell you about a place I tried this year where the food was as delicious as it was beautiful--Hacienda El Coyote.
The restaurant features a tequila bar to the side, an interior dining room that has a pond running through it and an outdoor covered patio. You are gently serenaded by traditional singers, the service is excellent, waiters use tray service and silverware is quietly changed between courses--but the place is comfortable and not stuffy and the prices modest.

We started with thick homemade chips with guacamole and three amazing salsas.  I moved on to the house salad, an eye catching mix of lettuce with corn, pepita seeds, beans, black olives, cranberries, cotija cheese dressing, garnished with a crisp cheese wafer.  Brendan's corn chowder was silky smooth, perfectly seasoned and had the most delicious garnish--a little dumpling filled with huitlacoche (a corn fungus similar to mushroom--they were also served as an entree stuffed in crepes and topped with poblano chile sauce--next time!)  My entree--a juicy piece of marinated pork topped with grilled cactus, spring onion, chorizo and re-fried beans served with warm house made tortillas.  A stop for ice cream cones topped off the balmy night!