Friday, October 26, 2012

october trip to the wine country

Mom was here to visit recently and we had a wonderful time.  As usual the city was filled with dozens of activities: street fairs, concerts, ball games, World Cup trials, conventions, and Fleet Week to name a few.  We tried to do everything, dinner out with friends, two dinners at the house, the Ferry Plaza and the Farmer's Market and front and center at the wharf for the Blue Angels and World Cup trials.  We really felt like we were on vacation when we booked a wine country tour.  There is something so magical when you meet the tour guide and que up to get on that tour bus--hard to explain, but I love the feeling--you step out of your world and let someone or something transport you away.

This trip included stops at Franciscan (elegant showroom and delicious wines), V. Sattui (super deli and gifts), Andretti Winery (with catered lunch) and Rutherford Ranch (outstanding olive oil).  We also returned to the city via the ferry rather than by bus, which added a pleasant ride on the Bay. Another too short but wonderful visit with mom.