Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my favorite things

There is a column in Elle Decor magazine that I love, called "The 12 Things I Can't Live Without." I read it religiously every month, to see if I too can't live without the same things as these famous designers and others. But I have come to one conclusion; most of the time I haven't heard of half of their favorite things, they tend to be a little esoteric. So I decided to come up with my own list of the 12 things I can't live without, a little more common to be sure, but my favorites for real!

1. Rave Hairspray. I have used it for 25 years, perfect hold, no flakes. Please don't ever go out of business. 2. Bluewick candles in guava. That's it. All other candle scents kind of nauseate me. 3. Beautiful sandals. I can't pass them up, gold, silver, black, jewels, doesn't matter. I like to show off a good pedicure and you can't beat the comfort and freedom. 4. Opi nail polish--pale pink on the hands and (for those great pedicures) dark "Lincoln Park" on my toes. 5. Starched white sheets and down comforters. I fell in love with the feel when I stayed in my first European hotel in 1999. You can't beat the feel of being consumed in a white cloud when you lay down. 6. My mother's impressionistic paintings of two New York street scenes. Not only are they beautiful, I cherish them. 7. Gucci sunglasses. Nothing too excessive, just seven or eight pairs 8. Pre de Provence soap and bath gel in verbena. The fresh scent is very clean and great in the summer. 9. My signature scent, Eau Des Merveilles, Hermes, subtle and light. 10. Foreign travel. I have had some amazing trips with my mother from Spain to Thailand and every place in between. One of my favorites continues to be the Pueblo Bonito Rose resort at Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 11. Stationary. And all the sub categories, note pads, monogrammed post its, labels, stickers--I will become a pauper to fine paper goods. 12. Perfect comfort meal with my friend Brendan Eisan at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, deliciously executed every time and the perfect ending to my 12 favorite things.