Wednesday, May 25, 2011

fresh food highlights trip to cabo san lucas

One of the things I have enjoyed the most over the last few years is the visit to Cabo each May with Brendan as a guest of his parents at their place at the Montecristo at Sunset Beach. This last visit was no exception.  The weather was mild, the Pacific blue and gorgeous and of course, the food delicious; we dined at all our favorites, Felix, Salvatore's, and of course La Fonda. We also found a new local restaurant to add to the list called Lolita's.  The newly updated menu of this very casual, open air family restaurant features a big grill where local seafood and steaks sizzle.  The salsas (and the prices) were the best of the trip.

We also had a lovely home cooked dinner one beautiful evening with our own sizzling ribeye steaks, grilled zucchini, vine tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella salad with green onion vinaigrette and baked potatoes topped with rich Mexican sour cream.  And of course, we started the meal with Brendan's exceptional guacamole.  Mexican produce and dairy really do make a meal!  Thank you Bob, Barbara and Brendan for another wonderful trip!