Sunday, May 24, 2015

fresh gem lettuce caesar salad

The Caesar is one of my favorite salads, rich and creamy dressing, chunky romaine leaves and crunchy croutons---delicious but perhaps not a salad you can eat everyday.  I came up with my own light and modern version, fresh, crisp and lemony and so easy I have been eating it every day.
I started with little gem lettuces, and separated out the smallest leaves (Trader Joe's sells the gem lettuces--3 heads for only $1.99).  I then made a Caesar dressing and thinned it with the juice of a lemon.  You can do this with your favorite bottled dressing if you like, the result should be lemony and thin enough to drizzle.  I tossed the leaves with crispy turkey bacon lardons, my substitute for croutons, shaved on good parm and drizzled with the dressing.  Cracked black pepper and you are good to go.  Restaurant worthy result!